Aspirin can prevent inherited form of bowel cancer

A daily dose of aspirin can help prevent an inherited form of bowel cancer, a new study shows.

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Priory Warns of Effects Of Unemployment on Mental Health

With unemployment figures released today experts at the Priory Group are warning that one of the side effects of a higher number of jobless could be a surge in the number of people seeking treatment for depression.

Unemployment increased to 2.38 million in July and the figure this week is expected to be even higher and many commentators believe it will top 2.5 million.

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A Stem-Cell Discovery Could Help Diabetics

Researchers are inching ever closer to bringing the latest stem-cell technologies from bench to bedside — and are, in the process, learning more about some diseases that long have remained medical black boxes.

HydroGel hope for brain injury repair

An injectable hydrogel could aid recovery from brain injury by helping stimulate tissue growth at the site of the wound, researchers say.

Research on rats suggests the gel, made from synthetic and natural sources, may spur growth of stem cells in the brain.

The gel has been developed by Dr Ning Zhang at Clemson University, South Carolina, who presented her work to a conference on military health research.

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Swine flu death estimate 'reduced by two-thirds'

Sir Liam Donaldson, the Chief Medical Officer, estimated that 19,000 people would die from the virus under the "worst case scenario", a significant drop from the figure of 65,000 given in July.

He said the revised estimations, calculated by Government scientists, were "assumptions and not predictions".

They are based on one in three people across Britain becoming infected, and do not take into account what impact the swine flu vaccine, due next month, will have.

Swine Flu Test Kit From Indian Council of Medical Research

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has plans to develop a low-cost testing kit for testing the A/H1N1 infection. This information was told by Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad on Monday.

Azad who was speaking to the reporters on Monday told that the virus infection, which has consumed 6 lives and infected about 864 people, is spreading in the country. He added that the government will be procuring an additional 22,000 swine flu testing kits.

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t+ Medical launch new blood pressure monitoring product

t+ Medical today announces that it has launched its new product t+ blood pressure lite which enables NHS healthcare professionals to effectively monitor their patients’ blood pressure without patients having to leave their home. t+ blood pressure lite is the latest in a range of products from UK based t+ Medical, which uses the mobile phone or internet to monitor and manage health conditions.
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Swine flu: People with mild symptoms 'need not be given Tamiflu'

Healthy people with mild symptoms of swine flu need not be given Tamiflu, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said, appearing to call into question how the drugs are given out in this country.

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Italian researchers develop heart-repair method with adult stem cells

Italian researchers have developed a method to repair a damaged heart using adult stem cells, and said it confirmed that the adult cells were more therapeutically useful than embryonic stem cells.

"The adult stem cell is already prepared to differentiate in the tissue we want to repair. And it is certainly more productive, less wasteful and less dangerous -- beyond the ethical aspects -- to work with adult stem cells instead of embryonic stem cells," said Settimio Grimaldi, an expert at the Institute of Neurobiology and Molecular Medicine in Rome, which carried out the research.

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